Auteur : SkyBolt
parodie de Yesterday des Beatles
Date : 24 juin 2016

Yesterday… We all hoped that you would still Remain.
But now you say that things can’t stay the same
You’ve sealed our fates, oh Yesterday…

Suddenly, the flag just isn’t what it used to be
And now some others say they want to Leave,
Oh yesterday just cut me deep…

Now… how… Will we build the superstate of our dreams?
As… you… smile so hard as I long for yesterday.

Yesterday, the central banks knew that they owned the game
Sitting pretty on their gold estates
But now the Pound will stand away

Why’d you have to go, when I told you to stay.
Now how’ll we go on since you’ve gone, just Yesterday…

Yesterday, our empire’s fallen into disarray,
Maybe now the Euro ain’t so safe…
Could you spare a quid, from Yesterday?

Les précisions de l'auteur sur cette parodie :

So, this was a parody idea I originally had during the Scottish referendum a little while ago. When Brexit actually happened, I was honestly surprised. Also, it gave me an opportunity to pull this out of the "Dormant" folder.

I seldom like to get political, I mainly finished it just because I had already put planning into it back then. Going to be an interesting few years seeing how this will all turn out.

In the end, there will always be pony stuff to come back to.

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