Digi Charat

Auteur : Max le Fou
parodie de Give it away de Red Hot Chili Peppers

What I've got you've got to give it to your mammaC'est l'histoire d'une extraterrestre avec des oreilles de chat
What I've got you've got to give it to your pappaQui débarque au japon dans la ville d'Akihabara
What I've got you've got to give it to your daughterAccompagnée de sa petite sœur Puchiko
You do a little dance and then you drink a little waterElle fait des Békara Beam pour pour pas se faire bobo

What I've got you've got to get it put it in you Dejiko a avec elle un truc appelé Gema

Qui finit toutes ses phrases en rajoutant Gema

Mais a quoi peut il bien servir ce Gema
Reeling with the feeling don't stop continueIl protège Dejiko qui veut dev'nir une Star

Realize I don't want to be a miserUn peu plus tard y a une fille appelée Usada
Confide w/sly you'll be the wiserSurnommée Rabi en Rose parc'que elle est en rose
Young blood is the lovin' upriserAvec ses oreilles de lapin en hélico
How come everybody wanna keep it like the kaiserElle veut piquer la vedette à Dejiko

Give it away Digi Chara
Give it away nowDigi Charat nyo!

I can't tell if I'm a kingpin or a pauperUne série animée trop courte mais complètement délire

Greedy little people in a sea of distress
Keep your more to receive your less
Unimpressed by material excess
Love is free love me say hell yes

I'm a low brow but I rock a little know how
No time for the piggies or the hoosegow
Get smart get down with the pow wow
Never been a better time than right now

Bob Marley poet and a prophet
Bob Marley taught me how to off it
Bob Marley walkin' like he talk it
Goodness me can't you see I'm gonna cough it

Lucky me swimmin' in my ability
Dancin' down on life with agility
Come and drink it up from my fertility
Blessed with a bucket of lucky mobility

My mom I love her 'cause she love me
Long gone are the times when she scrub me
Feelin' good my brother gonna hug me
Drink my juice young love chug-a-lug me

There's a river born to be a giver
Keep you warm won't let you shiver
His heart is never gonna wither
Come on everybody time to deliver

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